Acme Abrasive Company 
Engineered Grinding Solutions

 Floorstand Grinders

24" and 30" wheels for both vari-speed and single speed machines

Acme wheels have important advantages: including more reinforcing for greater

strength and good corner holding characteristics

Wheels for floorstand machines employing special fixturing for semi-automated

and automated grinding processes
Notching wheels 24" and 30" diameter in thicknesses down to 1/2"
Wheels in 18" and 20"diameters can be supplied 3/8" thick for certain notching grinds


Bench and Pedestal Grinders
Wheels for offhand applications, principally 6" thru 18" diameters

Machines of this type of design have recently been coupled successfully with certain

"bring the work to the wheel" automation and robots

Notching wheels up to 20" x 3/8" for double-ended pedestal grinders with an Acme snagging

wheel on the opposite end


Swing Frame Grinders

Experience has shown that swing frame wheels can increase productivity 5 to 9 times

over conventional portables

Many sizes up to 24" for traditional suspended swing frame machines

Special SF cup shapes for Swisher grinders, and small lighter weight Fox swing frame cup grinders

where very good finishes and rapid cutting are attainable

12" and 18" wheels for a new type of swing frame machine, where the wheel is turned 90o from

the typical swing frame orientation, allowing much improved visibility for the operator
Made in all popular sizes and grain types.  Generally 9,500 to 12,500 SFPM