Acme Abrasive Company 
Engineered Grinding Solutions



Cutoff Wheels

Foundry cutoff wheels are available in all common sizes up to 30" in diameter

Robotic Applications

Wheels for programmable robots or articulating robotic arms which may employ a variety of wheel shapes with tool changers.  Wheels for tools associated with fully integrated robotic visioning systems.  Such systems often include digital imaging for inspection and control of surface finish, gauging, trending reports and other parameters associated with surface prep components.

"Hard" Automation Machines

Wheels for remote-operated and manual cells and other grinders within a dedicated automation system.  these can employ both type one and cutoff wheels.  In cells, a powered and rapid manipulation of fixtured work saves time and increases handling safety.  Such cells often employ swing frame wheel concepts to achieve much better productivity.

Metallurgical Testing

Wheels for Brinnell and for sample prep cutoff where exact finishes, cool cutting and repeat-ability may be desirable.
Resin and resin-rubber bonds produce soft, reliable, cool cutting high quality cuts

Mounted Points

Available in vitrified and resin bond
All common A, B and W shapes are available in various grits and bonds